Sang Tiệm Nails, Salon - Tiem Nail can sang gap

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Published on 08/10/2011
Published by Kim Nguyen
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Tiem Nail o West Des Moines, Iowa. Tiem o khu sang (Mills Civic Parkway). Tiem rong va dep. Tiem hien co 10 Spa Pedicures, 9 Manicure Stations va mot phong Wax. Tiem dong khach, 98% la khach My trang, tips cao. Income trung binh $24,000 - $30,000 mot thang. Tiem locates in high traffic area. Tiem da built duoc 5 nam. Gia ban: $75,000 (co the thuong luong). Moi chi tiec, xin L/L Mike at (586) 382-1977 or Kim at (515) 770-3870


United States
West Des Moines